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Last updated on February 16, 2013


Across the Universe (Across the Universe # 1)
-Beth Revis
Afterlife (Afterlife # 1)– Naomi Clark
All’s Fair in Vanities War (The Seer’s Seven Deadly Fairy Tales 1)- Elizabeth Marx
Anna Dressed in Blood (Anna Dressed in Blood #1) – Kendare Blake
Annihilation of Foreverland, The– Tony Bertauski
Apprentice, The (Rizzoli & Isles # 2)– Tess Gerristen
Awaited (Wasteland # 2)– Lynn Rush
Awakening (The Watchers # 1) -Karice Bolton

Batman: Year One
Frank Miller
Bizenghast Vol. 1– M. Alice LeGrow
Blood and Chocolate
Annette Curtis Klaus
By the Sword
– Sara Flower


Cameron’s Law (Adelheid # 1)– Mia Darien
Carousel Ghost, The– Andrea Pelleschi
A Certain Slant of LightLaura Whitcomb
Cin (Cin # 1)– Christina Leigh Pritchard
Cinder and Ella– Melissa Lemon
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Vol. 1– Ichiro Okouchi
Colors Like Memories– Meradeth Houston
Corpse Goddess, The (Corpse Goddess # 1)– Kristi Jones


Dark Light–  Carl Hose
Dark Shadows
D.J. Arnenon
Dark Visions ( Sarah Roberts # 1)– Jonas Saul
Darkly Dreaming Dexter (Dexter # 1)
-Jeff Lindsay
Daughter of the Centaurs (Centauraid # 1)– Kate Klimo
Dead Girl’s Dance, The (Morganville # 2)– Rachel Caine
Dead Girls Are Easy (Nikki Styx # 1)-Terri Garrey
Dead Man Walking (The Infected # 1)– Marty Shaw
Dead Tropics– Sue Edge
Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows # 1)– Kim Harrison
Death Note Vol. 1: Boredom– Tsugumi Ohba
Death Note Vol. 2: Confluence– Tsugumi Ohba
Deadtown (Deadtown # 1)– Nancy Holzner
Dearly Devoted Dexter (Dexter # 2)– Jeff Lindsay
Destined– Jessie Harell
Dragons Away! – K.D. Berry
Dreamwalker (Persephone’s League of Immortals # 1)– Andrea Heltsley
Dust (Of Dust and Darkness # 1)– Devon Ashley


Earrings of Ixtumea – Kim Baccellia
The Earth Painter (The Painter # 1)– Melissa Lee
The Emerald City J.A. Beard


Farsighted(Farsighted # 1)– Emily Chand
Faustian Host, The (Apocalypse Signs # 1)– Dave Becker
Finding Alice (Alice Clark # 1)
– Andrea DiGiglio
Flight (The Crescent Chronicles # 1)Alyssa Rose Ivy
Flower Bowl, TheOlivia Boler
Fruit of the Lemon
Andrea Levy
Fury (Fury # 1)
-Elizabeth Miles


Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, TheStephen King
Glass Houses (Morganville Vampires # 1)
Rachel Caine
Guardian of Fate ( Guardian of Fate # 1)L.J. Kentowski
Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator
– Josh Berk


Halo of the Damned (Halo of the Damned # 1)– Dina Rae
Hera (Eleis Chronicles)
– Chrystall Thaome
Highway Shooter, The– C.C. Chesscher
Hollowland (Hollows # 1)– Amanda Hocking
Hurricane (Hurricane # 1)– Jenna-Lynne Duncan
Hym and Hur– Philip Frey


Intangible (Intangible # 1)– J. Meyers


Jaded– Kenya Carlton


Killer Bytes– Alan Williams
Faith (Gabriel de Sade # 1)– Eric Meyers
Kiss Me, I’m Irish (Time For Love # 1)-Bella Street


Lightining Thief, The (Percy Jackson # 1)Rick Riordan
Lure of Shapinsay, The
– Krista Holle


Memento Nora (Memento Nora # 1)– Angie Smibert
My Immortal (The Vampires of Berlin # 1)– Lee Rudnicki


Night Rising (Vampire Babylon # 1)- Chris Marie Green
No Remorse (Heart of a Wolf # 1)
– Marylynn Bast



Pretty Little Liars (Pretty Little Liars # 1)– Sara Shepard



Rising Moon, The– Nilsa Rodriguez
Rurouni Kenshin Vol. 1– Nobuhiro Watsuki


Secret of the Scarlet Stone, The (Gabby Girls Adventures # 1)– T.L Clarke
Spirits in the Trees (Spirit Trilogy # 1)
– Morgan Hannah MacDonald
Surgeon, The (Rizzoli & Isles # 1)– Tess Gerristen


Thoughtless (Thoughtless # 1)– Jacqueline Gardner
Trigun Maximum Vol. 1: Hero Returns – Yasuhiro Nightow
Trouble Brewing– Edward Winslow


Ubik– Philip K. Dick


Vala: Agenda (Vala: Agenda # 1) J.F Jenkins
Vampire Knight Vol. 1
– Matsuri Hino
Vampire Knight Vol. 2– Matsuri Hino
Venus City( Legacy of the Sares # 1)– Tabitha Vale


Waiting For DaybreakAmanda McNeil
Wandering Stars (Wandering Stars # 1)
– Marlon Pierre-Antoine
Wasteland (Wasteland # 1)– Lynn Rush
Wolf’s Rain Vol. 1-Keiko Nobumoto
Wolf’s Rain Vol. 2– Keiko Nobumoto


XXXHolic Vol. 1 -Clamp



Z Word, The (Apocalypse Babes # 1)Bella Street
Zan (Spiritdell # 1)
– Dalya Moon
Zero– Tom Leveen

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