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Review: Hym and Hur by Phillip Frey

hym and hur

Title: Hym and Hur
Author: Phillip Frey
Series: Standalone
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Format: E-book
Source:  Author
Pub. Year: 2012
Purchase: Amz/ B&N
I received this novel free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb from Amazon:
In this fantasy-comedy Hym and Hur are a young couple who never age and have been in love for more than a century. They also possess an array of magical abilities, two of which are either to play pranks on humankind or to perform good deeds. Enacting both at the same time is now what gets them into trouble, especially since it’s the character of Death they must deal with to bring their plans to fruition.

The prank Hym and Hur have come up with must first be agreed upon by Death, who happens to be a rambunctious, difficult character. Once agreed upon, the prank is set in motion. Hym and Hur soon discover Death had tricked them into a contract with dire consequences for all of us.

During their attempt to break the contract, Hym and Hur try to save the relationship of an earthbound couple, knowing they are truly meant for each other. A good deed that will bring Hym and Hur even more trouble.


This was a sweet short story about the power to bring back the death to life. Hym and Hur are a funny couple who are looking for a fun time. Hur is more into the prank because she is the one who looks for the person to play the prank on. Hym is just playing along with her trick.

Archie is the man who receives the gift of bringing the death back to life. Hur chooses Archie because he is a decent man. He may be a struggling artist but he is happy with his work. What I liked about him and his girlfriend was their disbelief in the dead coming to life. The death coming to life has to have a logical explanation like the hospital’s morgue incident. A dead man is going to be autopsy and when Archie touches him, the dead man wakes up. It was a medical mistake the reason why the man ended up in the morgue. It’s a morbid but funny situation. The medical examiner is ready to cut open the body when the body comes to life. I find it hilarious because it would be like being pranked except it’s not a prank.

The best character in the story is Death. He is cynical, sarcastic and funny. He proves why no one should attempt to cheat Death. He adds his own spin to the the prank of Hym and Hur by stretching the conditions of the prank.

It was a really nice short story about being pranked by immortal beings.

5 BB- Total Keeper


50th in the 150+ Reading Challenge
Also qualifies for: E-book, Self-Published, Where are you reading?-California

Review: Dragons Away! by K.D. Berry

Title: Dragons Away!
Author: K.D. Berry
Series: Standalone
Genre: YA Fantasy
Format: E-book
Source:  Author
Pub. Year: 2011
Purchase: Amz/B&N
I received this book free of charge from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Blurb from Amazon:
It seemed like such a good idea at the time … a wager with the devious, dangerous and probably quite deranged King Davkosh of the Southern Realms. Half the kingdom staked in a race between mystery contenders. Ten leagues, point to point as the -er- crow flies.

Drewdop the Illusionist is quick to point out the flaws in this plan and is tasked with a secret spy mission – to find out just what kind of invincible champion Davkosh has training at home. Travelling in magical disguise causes unforeseen complications for Drewdop, while his half-ogre bodyguard, in the guise of a beautiful woman, certainly turns a few heads.

But Drewdop soon discovers that the great race is the least of their worries. Davkosh’s glamorous, fiery and ruthless queen, Gunora, is massing an army ready for attack whatever the outcome. Meanwhile, deep in the dark forest, one of Davkosh’s elite royal messengers is facing his own perilous destiny – how to become the world’s first and only surviving dragon rider…

Random: That is not how I picture one of their soldiers would look like.

It’s been awhile since I have a read a novel completely set in a secondary world. Those novels always remind me of Tolkien and this novel is reminiscent of that. The dwarves and the goblins hate each other. A dragon is the enemy. The only thing missing is the elves.

What I like about this novel is there is always something happening. It is filled with interesting mini-adventures and it slowly introduces other types of fantasy creatures. There is a battle with goblins, escaping from Gunora’s guard with the help of dwarves, Drewdrop’s illusions helping to defeat an invading army, and of course, the dragon race. Drewdrop is an illusionist who is kind of brave nerd character. He accidentally binds an imp to him as a familiar instead of choosing a cat. It is cute.

One of my favorite characters is Velasco who is a mischievous imp and familiar to Drewdrop.  He is just funny, sarcastic and a troublemaker. He always appears at random times which annoys Drewdrop. Fiery Flyer is also an adorable baby dragon. She grows from being a lone dragon who only had one good friend to expanding her circle of friends.

Most of what is going on in the story adds to the progression of the novel and character development. The planning of the war on both sides show just how mean and ambitious King Davkosh and Queen Gunora are but it also shows Gunora’s dependence on a magical well. I think it is supposed to show her allegiance to the dark side of magic but the well doesn’t really do much. On Drewdrops’s side, King Credos is sort of an idiot king but he is really nice. He is not concerned with coming up with a counterstrike which is going to save his kingdom but rather winning the dragon race which whether he wins or loses is not going to save his kingdom. He is not a great king but luckily, he has a great Captain, Drewdrop, and devoted followers who can think for him.

There was a little bit of awkwardness with the jokes from Queen Gunora and King Davkosh (who are the villains). “There is no such thing as a free lynch” was possibly the worst attempt at comedy from the duo. It is a cringe-worthy moment. Berry is funny when the comedy is physical or coming from Velasco. There are funny moments…just not from the villains.

Overall, it is a pretty good fantasy novel. There are great characters who are funny and quirky.

4 BB-Ready for capture


49th in the 150+ Reading Challenge
Also qualifies for: E-book

Wishlist Wednesday # 1

Wishlist Wednesday is hosted by Pen to Paper. It is the place to showcase one book that has been on our wishlist. Click on the image if you feel like joining in on the fun.

On My Wishlist is: Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey


Blurb from Amazon:
Wilde Island is not at peace. The kingdom mourns the dead Pendragon king and awaits the return of his heir; the uneasy pact between dragons, fairies, and humans is strained; and the regent is funding a bloodthirsty witch hunt, hoping to rid the island of half-fey maidens.

Tess, daughter of a blacksmith, has visions of the future, but she still doesn’t expect to be accused of witchcraft, forced to flee with her two best friends, or offered shelter by the handsome and enigmatic Garth Huntsman, a warden for Dragonswood. But Garth is the younger prince in disguise and Tess soon learns that her true father was fey, making them the center of an exciting, romantic adventure, and an ancient prophecy that will bring about peace between all three races – dragon, human, and fairy.

OMG, look at that cover. It is so pretty and awe-inspiring. I want this book because of the cover and it has a fairy as a main character. I love fairies but I really don’t read about them often so I really want to read it.

Quick Glance Review: Hera (Eleis Chronicles) by Chrystalla Thoma

A Quick Glance Review is meant for short stories. This is not a full-length novel.

Title: Hera (Eleis Chronicles)
Author: Chrystalla Thoma
Series: Prequel to Rex Rising
Genre: Dystopia, Fantasy
Source: Amazon
Format: Ebook
Pub. Year: 2011
Purchase: Amazon/B&N

I received this book from Amazon free of charge in exchange for an honest review. It still is available free of charge on Amazon and B&N.

Blurb from  Amazon:
Hera, member of the Gultur race governing the Seven Islands, thought she knew right from wrong and what her future held in store. A chance meeting with a lesser mortal, though, will turn her world upside down and force her to see her race and the laws with different eyes. For Hera, knowledge means action, so she sets out to put things right and change her world.

Taking place in the World of the Seven Islands almost three years before the events in Rex Rising, this is the story of Hera’s first confrontation with the truth.


I usually don’t go for prequels unless I have read the first book but it was named Hera so I had to show love to another Greek goddess. That being said, I love this short story/novellete. It was awesome.

It is very short, very fast paced, and very entertaining. The best way to describe it is as a war between Gultur, genetically-enhanced humans, and regular humans as an enslaved class. It reminded me of Stargate SG-1 with the Tokra species. The Gultur are like the Tokra (parasites that inhabit a human as host) and the Gultur have to inherit Regina, the parasite. That’s why I viewed them as similar but not completely alike.

Hera is a Gultur who is a strong-willed character and definitely did not go with the ideology that is being imposed on her. She doesn’t blindly believe what she is told and searches for an undiluted version of the truth. I found that to be very compelling in her that she was horrified at what her people were doing even though she was raised to believe that the Gultur’s actions were correct.

I will be purchasing the first book, Rex Rising so this novellete earns 5 Black Butterflies. Why? Because it did its job in appealing to me to buy the first book.  I want to know what does Hera do after she meets with the Resistance, why are all the young girls separated from their mothers and why are they not allowed to see their mothers.  Interesting questions that may be answer in the first book.

5 BB- Total Keeper