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Mondays News Flash # 5

It’s been awhile since I have posted on the blog. I have actually been really sick for the past two weeks but I’m on the road to recovery (that’s why I’m writing this). I apologize for my absence and hopefully, June doesn’t disappoint. We are going to play catch up with the reviews of April and May, along with scheduled tour stops.

The winner for the Lure of Shapinsay has been chosen so congratulations to Christine. I hope you enjoy the book and your swag.

Let’s continue with great news. The Promo Post for The Bird with the Broken Wing was my 100 post. Out of 100 posts, my most popular post is Loving Hetalia: America with 4,668 views. It is not a book review but I love Hetalia and I’m so happy people are reading my Hetalia related article. My most popular review is All’s Fair in Vanities War by Elizabeth Marx with 70 views. Hmm, I’m starting to see a discrepancy here.


I also finished one of my 2012 Challenges, First in a Series hosted by Kathy at A Few More Pages. YAY, to celebrate I’m going to host a giveaway for one of the books listed there. Be on the lookout for that towards the middle or end of June. It will be international as well.

I think this is it for any news about what is going on with the blog.

Monday News Flash # 2

Monday News Flash is a weekly or bi-weekly (and I hope that means every two weeks) “flash” on what is to come on Persephone’s Winged Reviews.

What is new here:

1) Hetalia Weekly Pic. Yes, my obsession with Hetalia is still very high and I need an outlet to express my current affair with it. Three months ago, it would have been Death Note. Every week, I’ll change the picture and hopefully, everyone country has a spot on there.

2) I have all my button up and running so you can Friend me on Goodreads and Paperback Swap, Follow me on Twitter, and Find me on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Nobles. Still working on the strikethroughs.

3) Since I’m going to be reviewing manga, I decided to do some introductory posts about manga (and anime).

What’s up for review in the next two weeks?
We have Trouble Brewing by Edward Winslow, Hollowland by Amanda Hocking, Guy Langman by Josh Beck, Glass House by Rachel Caine and The Wedding Gift by Kathleen McKenna. (More may be added).

Unexpected Surprise:
Jamais Vu by Monique O’Connor. I was not expecting this book. I was trying to win in a giveaway hosted by Monique and I happened to mention what the title means which is “never seen.” It’s the opposite of deja vu and not many people know that. Next thing I know, Monique e-mailed me a PDF version of the book for knowing the what the title meant. I was so surprised and thrilled to have it. Can’t wait to read, thank you Monique O’Connor.

Until then, let’s show some love to Spain.

Happy New Year! (Hetalia Style)


Well, here we are in 2012 and it’s the start of a brand new year. I hope it is a great year for everyone and hopefully, we manage to keep our resolutions. I know, I have never been able to maintain my resolutions but one day, I will keep at least one. I hope this is the year. So, what are my resolutions? Well, I have two sets: Blogging and Personal.

Blogging Resolutions

  • Blog once per week and not miss a single week
  • Complete 15 out of my 20 reading challenges.
    • Complete all the challenges if possible

Personal Resolutions

  • Run three miles per week starting on  the 2nd week of January
  • Improve my Spanish by reading a book series in Spanish
  • Learn to use my right hand to properly type on the computer. My  left hand is perfect when it comes to typing but when it comes to right hand, I only use two fingers.

By Edwardsuoh13 @ Deviant Art

I desperately tried to find a Hetalia pic that showed them partying and this one was the best I could find. I’m totally confused as to who is playing the accoustic guitar. Prussia and Spain are at the front so I thought it was France but that’s not France. Unless he stole Canada’s glasses and Russia’s scarf ( but no one is crazy enough to do that).

I love playing “Spot the Country” in this picture. And if you’re really good, you can spot some non-country but still Hetalia related characters there. It’s like playing Where’s Waldo?

I hope you enjoy playing this game and what series do you think I should read in Spanish? I was thinking the Harry Potter Series.


2012 Why Buy The Cow? Reading Challenge

Does it not have the cutest name ever? I had to join. Plus, the image is really nice.

Details: Hosted by Missy at The Unread Reader

Runs: January 1, 2012 -December 31, 2012

Rules: Read a minumum of 12 legally obtained FREE e-books and must disclose where the book was obtained from.

ARC/Galleys, library books, and books won do not count.

Missie has a great selection of sites where we can legally obtained Free books.

Coupon Clipper: 12 Books
Penny Pincher: 24 Books
Super Saver: 30+ Books

I’m going for Penny Pincher so 24 books.

  1. Cameron’s Law-Mia Darien
  2. Trouble Brewing-Edward Winslow
  3. Hollowland– Amanda Hocking
  4. Killing Faith-Eric Meyer
  5. Dark Visions-Jonas Saul
  6. The Secret of the Scarlet Stone– T.L Clarke
  7. Awakening– Karice Bolton

In the meantime, enjoy this picture of Hetalia.

(By the way, can anyone tell whose head is in the Yule log? The jacket reminds me of America but there are no glasses) In any case, HAPPY HOLIDAYS and I hope everyone has their Christmas shopping done (cause I don’t)

2012 Where Are You Reading? Reading Challenge

Where Are You Reading? is an interesting challenge that every book can be included in if it has a valid location in the world. I’m really interested in seeing where my book travels will take me.

Details: It is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey

Date: January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012

Goal is to read one book per state in the USA. Countries that are not the USA will be counted as well. This challenge will be documented on a Goggle map so all the locations we have read will be pinpointed there.

This is My Map.

ArizonaWasteland by Lynn Rush
California: Hym and Hur by Philip Frey, The Flower Bowl SpellNight Rising by Olivia Boler, Night Rising  by Chris Marie Green
Colorado:Cameron’s Law-Mia Darien, Awaited by Lynn Rush
Florida: Wandering Stars by Marlon Pierre-Antoine
Illinois: Halo of the Damned by Dina Rae
Louisiana: Hurricane by Jenna Lynne-Duncan, Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy
Maine: Fury
Massachusetts: Deadtown # 1 by Nancy Holzner, All’s Fair in Vanities War by Elizabeth Marx, The Faustian Host by Dave Becker, Cin by Christina Leigh Pritchard, Waiting For Daybreak by Amanda McNeil
Michigan: Finding Alice by Andrea DiGiglio
Missouri: Dreamwalker-Andrea Heltsley
Montana: The Z Word by Bella Street,
Nevada: Hollowland by Amanda Hocking
New Hampshire:
New Jersey: Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procastinator by Josh Berk
New Mexico:
New York: The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians # 1)
North Carolina:
North Dakota:
Ohio: Farsighted # 1 by Emily Chund, Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows # 1) by Kim Harrison,
Rhode Island:
South Carolina: The Earth Painter by Melissa Lee
South Dakota:
Tennessee: Kiss Me, I’m Irish (Time For Love # 1) by Bella Street
Texas: Glass House (Morganville Series # 1) by Rachel Caine, The Corpse Goddess by Kristi Jones
Vermont: Intangible by J. Meyers
Virginia: Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klaus
Washington: The Emerald City by J.A. Beard, Spirits in Trees by Morgan Hannah MacDonald
West Virginia:
Wyoming: The Rising Moon by Nilsa Rodriguez

Australia- Dead Tropics– Sue Edge
Canada- Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
England- Killer Bytes by Alan Williams
Germany-My Immortal by Lee Rudnicki
Japan- XXXHolic Vol. 1 by Clamp
New Zealand- Trouble Brewing by Edward Winslow
Russia- Killing Faith by Eric Meyer
Scotland- The Lure of Shapinsay by Krista Holle

Monday News Flash # 1

Monday News Flash is a weekly or bi-weekly (and I hope that means every two weeks) “flash” on what is to come on Persephone’s Winged Reviews.

Update 1: I changed the background to a lighter color. The black background with green polka dots looked vastly different on my roommate’s computer than it did on my laptop. I found myself recoiling from my own site and I don’t know if it was the background or my glasses. I would love feedback on the change if you have the time.

Update 2: A review on Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard is coming up tomorrow (Tuesday)

Update 3: I have a Twitter page now so if you would like to follow, I would love that. My name is PersephoneWR or you can click the little bird to your right. I also created a Goodreads page so feel free to add me as friend, Persephone. I’m in the process of creating an icon for it.

Update 4. More reading challenges will be posted but not on the sidebar. I don’t want to slow down the loading process. The challenges will have progress bar without images and every month, I’ll alternate the progress bars with the images so other challenges are highlighted.  I’m still aiming for 12 reading challenges.

On that note, I will leave you with Canada who must not be forgotten (even though in Hetalia, we all do).  I have a long trip home so plenty of time to get some reading done.

Enjoy your week and the cold weather.

Canada by Leadervance @ Deviant Art