Monday News Flash # 1

Monday News Flash is a weekly or bi-weekly (and I hope that means every two weeks) “flash” on what is to come on Persephone’s Winged Reviews.

Update 1: I changed the background to a lighter color. The black background with green polka dots looked vastly different on my roommate’s computer than it did on my laptop. I found myself recoiling from my own site and I don’t know if it was the background or my glasses. I would love feedback on the change if you have the time.

Update 2: A review on Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard is coming up tomorrow (Tuesday)

Update 3: I have a Twitter page now so if you would like to follow, I would love that. My name is PersephoneWR or you can click the little bird to your right. I also created a Goodreads page so feel free to add me as friend, Persephone. I’m in the process of creating an icon for it.

Update 4. More reading challenges will be posted but not on the sidebar. I don’t want to slow down the loading process. The challenges will have progress bar without images and every month, I’ll alternate the progress bars with the images so other challenges are highlighted.  I’m still aiming for 12 reading challenges.

On that note, I will leave you with Canada who must not be forgotten (even though in Hetalia, we all do).  I have a long trip home so plenty of time to get some reading done.

Enjoy your week and the cold weather.

Canada by Leadervance @ Deviant Art

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  1. Canada!!! 😀

    I like your new background. It’s nice.

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