The Return of Persephone

Well, it has certainly been a long time since I posted a review or even updated this site. Life left me behind and I’ve been playing catch-up and that is why I have not updated the blog. I’m so sorry that I did not keep contact with any of my followers and that I fell behind on my reviews. That is so unprofessional of me (not that I’m a professional reviewer, I just do this for fun but not reviewing makes me seem like a slacker).

On a very sad note, I will not be able to finish the 150+ Reading Challenge since I’m only at 76 books right now. I honestly cannot bust out over 50 books in less than one month so I’m just going to aim to reach 100 (and that might not be possible either). As for the other challenges, it may be possible to finish some of them. My long extended break really hindered me.

I also cannot believe that I miss my own blog anniversary. It was December 3. It’ so funny because I was planning something special but now, it’s like worthless. I guess next year, I better not miss it, lol.  I’ll just do something special for New Year’s Day or something in January.

With that being said, let’s finish 2012 and start getting ready for 2013 and the challenges ahead.

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