Antithesis by Terra Whiteman: Playlist Edition

Title: The Antithesis
Author: Terra Whiteman
Series: Antithesis Series
Source: FMB tours
Pub Year: 2011
Purchase: Amazon

Blurb from Amazon:
This is a story about God and the Devil, but not how you were taught to believe.
This is also a story about love and hate, and the suffering both can bring.
This is about rights and wrongs, and all of the spaces in between.
This is about revenge, courage, death, passion; with no villains, no heroes… only those left scorned.
This is a story about Heaven, Hell, and the Jury that holds them together.

This is The Antithesis.

THE ANTITHESIS #1: Justice Alezair Czynri is the newest recruit of the Jury, a group of powerful beings who reside in Purgatory and enforce the Code between Heaven and Hell. However, Justice Czynri could not have come at a worse time. A storm lays just over the horizon… One that brings with it a war.


2nd playlist in a row, lol, but it could not be more different. This playlist is very instrumental with little vocals. It is a fantastic playlist because sometimes lyrics can detract from the emotions that a song can bring. It’s about what the music brings to the table and knowing what scenes the music accompanies just enhances the reading experience.

  1. Schwarze Sonne (Klassik Version) by E-Nomine (Opening)
  2. Antikythera Mechanism by The Algorithm (when the Jury attends Archdemon Belial Vakkar’s masquerade party at Durn Manor in Tehlor, the 5th layer of Hell)
  3. I Know You Are But What Am I by Mogwai ( Chapter Six, Ergo, when Alezair is in his room, working on his theory of ‘Multiversal Atomic Resonance’)
  4. The Frail (Things Fall Apart version) by Nine Inch Nails ( Chapter Eight, The Queen and the Violin, when Alezair discovers the violin and cello hidden in Leid’s bedroom)
  5. Hello World by Two Steps From Hell (When the Jury attends Archdemon Belial Vakkar’s masquerade party at Durn Manor in Tehlor, the 5th layer of Hell) 
  6. Shadow Drift by The Interbeing ( Chapter Twelve, Contrivance, when the Jury is sent to the world of Tal Ayen and ordered to eliminate the demon army invading the city of Najudis)
  7. Make Me Real by She (when Leid and Alezair spend the night in the Deadlands, within the dying world of Atlas Arcantia)
  8. Metamorphosis by Blue Stahl
  9. Decoy by Retrosic (Closing)

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