Monday News Flash # 4: April Edition

Monday News Flash was supposed to be a bi-monthly report about what to expect on Persephone’s Winged Reviews. Unfortunately, I have never been good at keeping up with schedules and I tend to fall behind only to do a marathon session of writing (which is how I study for school; results will vary depending on the professor and whether I like the subject). If there is one thing I can assure you of is that this randomly posted report will always be on a Monday.

The most important news I have is that my laptop is fix so expect an influx of book reviews because I have to catch up in writing them. Looks like April will be a good month where I can (hopefully) review more than 8 books.

Reviews to look forward to: The Dead Girl’s Dance by Rachel Caine, Kiss Me, I’m Irish by Bella Street, Maximum Ride by James Patterson, Vampyre Kisses and No Remorse by Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, By The Sword by Sara Flowers , Halo of The Damned by Dina Rae , Killer Bytes by Alan Williams , Thoughtless by Jacqueline Gardner and so many more (if I can write them out in time for March lol).

Authors that are stopping by: Bella Street on April 10, Jacqueline Gardner on April 12

I’m participating in the April Showers Giveaway on April 20-25, Halo of the Damned Giveaway on April 22, and the Spring into Horror Read-A-Thon from April 23-29. Man, that is one busy week.

In Hetalia News, England will be the topic of analysis and I am looking forward to that. With my computer fixed and all my hard drive intact, it means I can finally put new Hetalia related pictures up. What joy!

Let’s say goodbye to March and begin anew with April.

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  1. Wow… That was quite a news flash! Awesome that you have you lap top back because April is looking fairly crazy for you and it would suck not to!! I look forward to seeing all your reviews this month 🙂

    • I’m so glad that I have it, too. I decided to comeback with a bang to celebrate the return of my laptop. April looks pretty good right now but let’s see how it ends. With a bang or a whimper? Lol

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